H1N1 victim laid to rest

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Family and friends gather at St. Theodore's Catholic Church in Moss Bluff to say good-bye to Jonathon Fontenot of Moss Bluff.

"Jonathon was a special little boy and he is very precious," says Tammy Baimbridge, Jonathon's mother. "He was a clown, he was always cutting up and joking with everybody."

A handful of Jonathon's classmates from Moss Bluff Middle School made an appearance at today's ceremony.

"The entire school has just been hit," says Smith. "You never thought that a person we were close to in our group would be the person that would go."

But amidst the tears and the tragedy, Jonathon's mother says there is something to learn from this tragedy.

"I have an important message from Jonathon that I want to share with the world," says Baimbridge. "It's important that everyone take prevention and get vaccinated for this H1N1 virus, because it can turn into a tragedy and a fatality."

As even in death, Baimbridge feels her son's story can help save lives.

"Please, Jon wanted to help others and save lives," says Baimbridge. "So everyone needs to consider getting vaccinated."

It is also a day to celebrate the life of a great fourteen-year old.

As his classmates say, he impacted so many in such a short period of time.

"It's a celebration, that's what a funeral is," says Smith. "It's a celebration that someone is going on to heaven. He got his reward early, that's like Jon."

If you would like to send your condolences to the Fontenot family, Hixson Funeral Home is handling the arrangements.

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