Families of Jeff Davis women march for justice

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) -It was cold and rainy but those seeking justice for the eight women in Jeff Davis parish braved the elements and went ahead with their march to the courthouse.the quest for justice extends beyond just those who have died.

They braved the wind, rain and cold to march from founders park to the Jeff Davis Courthouse-- as a public show of unity in their quest for justice. Justice for the eight women whose deaths continue to be a mystery. Some here were close to those who have died. Muggy Brown's friend Bristol Charles was one who marched for her friend, victim Muggy Brown.  "She was one of my best friends. We grew up on the same street. We are concerned and we want answers and justice for the victims."

While others, simply want to support the victims' families. Says Concerned citizen Theresa Richards, "We want to see justice for these girls. We think the families deserve some closure."

Says Rebecca Guidry, "I'm here to represent all the girls who got killed. I mean it's sad. They had families, they had children just like mine."

Michelle Smith helped organize the march.  "It's to bring the community together as one and let everybody know that we're still here, we're still fighting for these girls."

And then there's Christine Harper who says she used to be a lot like the women who died. "I was on the street and I sold sex for drugs. I did drugs bad and I was pretty bad out there just like these girls. I could've been one of these girls."

She says she's seeking justice for her daughter who, at the age of five, was raped ten years ago. "I was a victim of domestic violence and my daughter was a victim of rape from two grown men, which they have DNA sitting at the office."

Harper believes the case has gone nowhere because of her past and who she is. "My daughter's mixed and we lived in the black neighborhood, and I feel this is why they did this to us and they continue to do it."

But in all they hope a united voice will speak loudly and be heard by those who may help to help bring about justice.

Jeff Davis District Attorney Michael Cassidy says the case of Christine Harper's daughter has never been presented to his office for prosecution. Cassidy says the Jennings Police Department has re-opened the case to see whether there's adequate evidence to move ahead with charges.

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