Frasch Elementary classroom goes digital

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - They're a product of the high-tech generation, and today a group of 5th grade students at Frasch Elementary showcased their newest learning tools with the community.

"What we're using today is called the Promethean board," says Misti Labbie. "It's technology- based for interactive use with students."

Labbie says the new Promethean board is necessary in boosting students' interest in the curriculum.

"Students in this day and age are technology-oriented," says Labbie. "Everything that they have is technology, so they are accustomed to all this."

Labbie then decided to write a grant asking for something a little more exciting to draw the students in.

"With the TNT grant that I wrote, I was able to get a board and a projector," says Labbie.

The new Promethean Activeboard allows students to do "hands on" daily exercises, class assignments, and even take tests.

Hunter Hollier says the new technology tool has boosted his grades in class.

"It's real fun and active," says Hollier. "We don't just sit down, we're moving around and not just sitting down with pencil and paper."

Frasch Elementary School is currently working to get Promethean boards for the remaining 15 classrooms without the technology.

The school is also looking to purchase other forms of technology that will give the students' more "hands on" learning opportunities.

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