Problems with speeding in school zones

By Charlie Bartlett - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Increased speeding in school zones around Calcasieu Parish has parents and school officials concerned.

"When they don't obey the school zone speed limits, risks occur and students are put at risk. We can't have that happen here in Calcasieu parish," said Ron Hayes.

Many of the complaints have come in the past two weeks.  The Calcasieu Parish School Board has requested law enforcement to bring in patrol units in these school zones.

"We certainly invite their help and participation because they have the force of law behind them," said Hayes.

"Our response to that is obviously to educate our public and make them aware that enforcement action will be taken if necessary," said Sgt. Mark Kraus.

Lake Charles Police are holding drivers responsible in these speed zones. They're not out to give tickets, but to ensure safety of the children.

"Very bottom line in this entire campaign is the safety of the children that walk through these school zones to get to and from school," said Kraus.

"They're there for the same reasons were there, to protect the kids," said Hayes.

Sgt. Mark Kraus says every school within the City of Lake Charles will have some type of enforcement.  They can't do it alone; they also need the driver's help.

"We would like this to be an educational tool for the public to be aware and revisit their responsibilities when they drive through school zones," said Kraus.

"We're asking drivers to be patient, be alert, and act like parents even if these kids aren't yours. Be a parent when driving through a school zone."

If you decide to speed, you could be putting yourself and the children at risk.

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