Cheerleader makes big bucks with tumbling business

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Times are tough in this down economy, but one local high school cheerleader is doing quite well doing something she loves.

"I started out teaching my sister and her friends," says Taylor North, a cheerleader at Barbe High School. "In no time I started my own business that started out with 4 girls when I was 14."

Now at 17 years old, North is raking in the big bucks as she teaches 30 girls a week to tumble.

"I have two classes where I help them with their jumping techniques and tumbling," says North.

"I like listening to her and her decisions she makes because it helps us," says Sarah Courville, a cheerleader attending North's classes.

A chunk of the money she makes goes to furthering her cheer business.

"I saved up a whole bunch of money and bought my own mat," says North. "I spend $40 of it a week, but everything else I pretty much save."

In addition to the money, North's tumbling business might just be her free ride to college.

"I'm applying for a scholarship, it's an entrepreneur scholarship," says North.

Her business has already placed her an award here in Lake Charles.

"I am the proud recipient of the 'Mayor's Community Commitment Award,'" says North.

But North says it's worth so much more than the money and the scholarships.

"It has helped a lot of girls make cheerleading," says North. "This is why I do it, to help them out."

"She's a good role model to look up," says Courville.

Taylor plans to cheer for LSU upon graduation from high school next year.

Her sister, Madison North, plans to take over the cheerleading business when Taylor leaves.

Taylor says her dream is to one day open her own gym here in Lake Charles.

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