Tornado rips through the town of Elton

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The storm has passed but not before leaving a path of destruction in its tracks, with several families unable to return home tonight.    

"I ran to the bath because I heard all of the stuff hitting up against my house, the gushing winds. I was scared, I was really scared. I have never experienced something like this," said Debbie Poullard.

First, in Jennings heavy winds knocked over a big rig, and soon after, residents in Elton took cover and waited for the storm to pass.

"Whenever it stopped, we came outside and there was trees everywhere. It was bad. It just happened so fast," said Ida Landry.

Soon after, crews took to the roads trying to assess and manage the damage. Some homes were being repaired by removing tree limbs and patching holes with blue tarps, but for the families that were not so fortunate, The American Red Cross was on the scene making sure everyone had a safe place to stay.

"We are helping to fund, if need be, hotel rooms or shelters. Whatever the case may be," said Chad Theunissen with the American Red Cross.

With the amount of damage, clean up crews and officials on the scene said it could be a clean up process that goes late in to the night, and possible early the next morning.

"A lot of people with homes that were damaged, so we are going to do what we have to do to get everything back up and running," said Elton Mayor Cathy Hollingsworth.

"We are going to be working until it is cleared up," said Chad Carrier Elton Police Chief.

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