Diets targeting medical conditions

By Britney Glaser - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - You've heard the saying, "You are what you eat," and for people with specific medical problems, that consciousness in diet could mean living life with fewer health complications. In this Healthcast, discover how one man's diet revolution led him to a healthier life and victory in his cancer fight.

It's been four years since Trigg Gayle's first cancer battle with melanoma - but a more recent scare pushed him to take some bigger steps early on.  "It was like, could this be happening again?" says Trigg, "the second thing was what do we need to do to fight this?"

For the second go-round, Trigg decided to target his diet before his next appointment at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.  Working with Shively Lampson at Pure Foods in Lake Charles, this duo shaped a diet plan that would kick Trigg's immune system into high gear.  "We started a very aggressive diet plan and it was vegetables, no sugar, no rice - basically vegetables and carrot juice," says Trigg.

This "back to the basics" approach is something that Shively says is an effective diet for people with diabetes, ADD or ADHD, autism - even cancer.  "You're feeding your body the natural medicine it needs," says Shively.

Shively also says the processed foods-American way of eating sucks out the nutrition that can be found in fruits and vegetables in their natural state.  "Our standard American diet has all of the processed foods, refined foods, lots of sugars in it and that causes a lot of problems with people," she says.

After four weeks on the cancer-fighting diet, Trigg got the news he had been praying for.  "The doctor did not know why I should be there," says Trigg, "he said 'you don't need to be need to go home and enjoy life.'"

And that's what Trigg is doing - while also incorporating some of the healthy changes he made when cancer almost crept back into his life.

*Between Trigg's change in diet and exercise, he's lost over 40 pounds! [

*In January, Pure Foods plans to launch a health-related program that includes menu planning, cooking classes for dishes directly related to health issues and nutritional courses. For more information, call 905-7873.

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