Local animal lover helps a dog in need

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The reward is now up to $1000 to catch the person(s) responsible for setting a dog on fire.  The dog, who vet workers are calling, Chance, was set on fire, and was brought in to the Pet Emergency Clinic of Southwest Louisiana Saturday afternoon.

"A quarter of her body was in third degree burns," said Hadley Prince with the Lake Charles Pet Emergency Clinic.

Aside from the bandages, it is hard to tell there is even a problem. Doctor Hadley Prince said Chance is going to be just fine.

"She is eating well. She is very active, very loving little dog. Every time we bring her out, she is wagging her tail, really happy go lucky," said Doctor Prince.

While Chance is set to make a full recovery, her medical bills are stacking up. After 7 News aired her tragic story, several animal lovers from within the community decided to step up and offer their help.

Barbara Newman has been a dog lover all of her life. She currently owns nine dogs, most of them were abandoned or abused at one point. She said after seeing another dog suffering, she had to do something.

"I just felt so sorry. I said I know you are hurting. I feel that for you. I wanted to take care of her. I wanted to take care of her to make sure she had good care," said Barbara Newman.

Barbara agreed to cover all of the dog's medical bills, giving Chance another chance.

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