Reward increases to catch person who set dog on fire

by Brandon Richards

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The reward is now up to $1000 to catch the person(s) responsible for setting a dog on fire.  The dog, who vet workers are calling, Chance, was set on fire three days ago and was brought in to the Pet Emergency Clinic of Southwest Louisiana Saturday afternoon.

Donna Fontenot, a Jennings animal caretaker, says someone set the black lab on fire on Wednesday. A woman manage to put the fire out, but the dog ran off. For the next three days, police searched for the dog. Finally on Saturday, the dog turned up.

Much of the dog's skin on the right side of its body had been charred off, exposing tissues even organs.

Fontenot says the dog was probably abused and malnourished before it was even set on fire.

The dog will be kept overnight at the Pet Emergency Clinic for observation, but Dr. Hadley Prince expects the dog, who Fontenot has named "Chance," to eventually make a full recovery.

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