Local judge asked to step down from 12 cases

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A local judge may have to step down from a series of cases in Attorney General Buddy Caldwell's Office.

Assistant General Attorney Kurt Wall filed a motion this week asking Judge Wilford Carter to remove himself from 12 different cases.

According to the report, the Attorney General's Office says Carter "has shown bias, prejudice, and/or personal interest in these cases to such an extent that he would be unable to conduct a fair and impartial trial."

Six of the cases are criminal, while the other 6 are civil.

One case even involves Judge Carter's son, J. Norris Carter.

In this case, the Attorney General's Office says Carter has been intimidating witnesses in the case.

The motion gives three more reasons why Judge Carter should not be handling the 12 cases.

Secondly, the motion says carter has been accusing the Attorney General's Office of several improprieties.

These improprieties include delaying proceedings, forum shopping, playing politics, engaging in conspiracies and never going to trial.

Thirdly, Carter has previously been represented by Rudie Soileau, who also represents the plaintiff in a suit filed against the state.

This is a direct conflict of interest.

And finally, Carter has two sons in eight criminal cases handled by the Attorney General's Office.

Now the Attorney General's Office is asking Carter to either step down or refer the motion to a randomly selected judge to determine whether or not Judge Carter should be removed.

The Attorney General's Office cannot comment on the matter until Judge Wilford Carter takes action on the motion.

Judge Wilford Carter refused to go on camera today, but he did say over the phone that he is not angry with the General Attorney's Office.

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