Elderly couple lives amid roaches, rats and snakes

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Pete and Bernadette Williamson are in their seventies... And the house they live in is falling down around them. "We got rats in here pretty bad oh and roaches. We got lot of them. Snakes, I was sitting there in the front room and snakes come out of the kitchen and come down and run through the front room. I got up and got after them and they went outside in a hole in the wall. No they're not poisonous, chicken snakes." Reporter: "What's the biggest one you've seen in your house?" Pete: "Oh, about four and a half foot. I killed that and threw it out on the road. He recently slashed his arm while trying to make outside repairs."

Bernadette admits she can't stand living here any more. "There's snakes, there's rats and it's killing us, this house."

The Williamsons have an apartment waiting for them at Chateau du Lac high rise, if they can find someone to help them move.  But another problem is that as Bernadette and Pete see it, they need someone to help them pay for and move other stuff into storage.. Including large pieces of furniture they cannot fit in their new one bedroom apartment.  "This china cabinet, this big one here and this big one over yonder, and the cabinets on the end over yonder. It's all got to go in a mini storage. Bernadette: "I've been having my stuff for years, my china cabinet and all that. I love my stuff. I can't get rid of it. I'd be upset if I get rid of it. Pete. It's all gotta be took out of here, bed and all. Bed, chest of drawers, dresser and everything. It's all got to go in a mini storage."Bernadette and Pete hope that one day they'll get a new house big enough for all the things they want to keep in storage."

But for now they wait determined to hang onto what they've managed to accumulate over fifty years.  Anyone who wants to help the Williamsons can call them at 439-8907.

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