What grade did your school receive?

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LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - In the state of Louisiana students are not the only ones receiving grades, but so are the schools.

"Basically a school performance score allows you to compare apples to apples," says Judy Vail, Accountability Coordinator for Calcasieu Parish Schools. "In other words you can compare attendance to test scores as well as drop outs to test scores."

The score performance scores make up 90% of test scores and 10% attendance for grades K-8th.

When considering high schools, the score is based on 70% test scores and 30% graduation rates.

"All parishes get a growth performance which is a 2009 score and they also get a baseline score," says Vail.

Four out of five of the schools in our five-parish area scored in the top 18 parishes this year.

District Performance Scores

  • Allen Parish - 101.1
  • Beauregard Parish 103.6
  • Calcasieu Parish - 99.7
  • Cameron Parish - 90.3
  • Jeff Davis Parish - 104.9

Jeff Davis Parish Schools scored the eighth highest in the state with a score of 104.9.

"We are proud that we have 10 of 13 schools that are at a score of 100 or above," says David Clayton, Superintendent of Jeff Davis Parish Schools. "We would like to see all of our schools score at 115 or above by 2015."

Clayton says the only thing he was not satisfied with for  graduation rate.

"We're rechecking that because we think we got credited with some drop outs from some students who enrolled here after Hurricane Katrina and Rita," says Clayton. "We hope our rate is not at 76, but nevertheless we are happy with the results of the scores."

When looking at the graduation rates, Beauregard Parish topped our five-parish region with a graduation of rate of 84.1.

District Graduation Rates

  • Allen Parish - 76.7
  • Beauregard Parish - 84.1
  • Calcasieu Parish - 78.2
  • Jeff Davis Parish - 76.2

Due to hurricane damage, Cameron Parish will not receive a graduation rate until 2011.

Vail says it's good to pay close attention to all aspects of the state's performance scores.

"In the way things are done in this country, you have to have a way to measure whether our schools are working or not," says Vail.

If you would like to see the full list of performance scores for schools in the state, click on "State Performance Score" to the right.

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