The state releases 2009 school performance scores

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - It's judgement day for Louisiana schools and this year's performance scores hit an all time high.

"Teachers and students did one hek of a job this past year performing their academic performance," says Paul Pastorek," Superintendent for the Louisana Department of Education.

This year the state has hit an all-time high score of 91.0 out of 100.

This score beats the 2008 score of 86.3 and the first year where the state scored in only at 69.4.

"We're only 8.3 points off of our ten-year goal that we set back a long time ago, but I'm optimistic because a number of schools are really doing things differently," says Pastorek.

In the area of standardized testing, 65% of students scored at basic level or above.

This is an increase of 20 points from 45% ten years ago.

"It shows for the past few years that we have continuously improved in our ranking and also in our overall scores," says Wayne Savoy, Superintendent of Calcasieu Parish Schools.

This year calcasieu schools came in 3 points higher than last year when looking at score history.

"This year I'm very proud to say that Calcasieu Parish is 99.7 as a district," says Savoy. "We're getting closer and closer to our goal, hopefully we'll be a four star parish before my time is up."

Savoy says the parish couldn't have made these high marks without the faculty's hard work.

"We're getting the beginnings of an academic profile on every student, so we can really analyze the strengths and weaknesses of our students at the classroom level and give the necessary interventions that we need to improve," says Savoy.

As the high marks are not only in Calcasieu Parish, but in the entire 5-parish region as well.

"You'll see a significant improvement there and that southwest Louisiana has something to be proud of in all of our parishes," says Savoy.

To see the complete 2009 school performance report card, click to the right on "State Performance Score."

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