Travel experts see delays and pricey tickets for the holiday

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - It's that time once again for holiday travelers to begin booking their travel plans for the season.

"It is one of the most expensive times of the year to travel," says James Halphen, owner of GlobeTrek Travel.

This holiday season air travel fees are expected to pick up with a little something extra.

"Two airlines decided to implement a $10 service charge on the airline tickets," says Halphen. "In no time, the rest of the airlines decided to do the same thing."

The airlines picked only the peak days of certain holidays to implement the charge.

Air passengers at Lake Charles Regional Airport say they are not letting this fee get in the way of their plans.

"If I really want to go somewhere I'll have to end up paying it," says Pat Robinson, a plane passenger from Lake Charles.

"Everybody who flies during the holidays really doesn't have a choice," says Gina Johnson, a plan passenger from Dallas, Texas. "They have somewhere they need to be."

Travel experts say the best advice for holiday travelers is to be flexible when it comes to scheduling your travel dates.

"They have to give us a day or two leeway so we can try to find them the best rate," says Halphen.

Halphen says if you must travel on the peak days, there are other ways to reduce your flight cost.

"If you want to avoid the fees, downsize on the luggage," says Halphen. "Remember they charge more for the second bag. If you pack lightly, that'll help."

For a full list of the specific days airlines will be charging the $10 service fee, click on "Airline Service Charge Dates."

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