Lake Charles Police 4th Annual Law Enforcement Rebuild

By Charlie Bartlett - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - It's a team effort. Lake Charles Police and Rebuilding Together are doing their part to give back for the 4th Annual Law Enforcement Rebuild.

"We're doing some great work.  We've got a little bit of a bathroom rebuild and repairs going on in the kitchen," said Susan Mestayer.

"We got a team of volunteers from Lake Charles Police that have taken their time to come over here and work on the house. Our main goals are to make the house more energy efficient and safer," said Don Bradley.

It's all for Lake Charles resident Georgie Eaglin. Eaglin is a retired employee from the Calcasieu Parish Health Unit. She says her home needed upgrades.

"I appreciate everything their doing. They're doing a beautiful job and it is very much needed," said Georgie Eaglin.

Lake Charles Police and Rebuilding Together are busy working to make this house better. One of the new features on the house will be the new roof. Mrs. Eaglin's roof wasn't insured by her insurance company.

"I didn't know my roof was that bad until they got up their and told me what was missing," said Eaglin.

"We found out that it wasn't done well the last time she had it repaired after the hurricane," said Bradley.

She'll receive a new roof as well as grab bars in her shower and energy efficient storm doors. It was a hot and long day of work, but it was all worth it.

"We feel good about it when we leave. We know we helped somebody who deserved it," said Bradley.

"The best part for me is everybody's helping and I'm appreciating it to the highest," said Eaglin.

Rebuilding Together; repairing houses and building relationships all at the same time.

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