Grand Lake High School football

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GRAND LAKE, LA (KPLC)- Friday night high school football serves as a staple in many communities, but for roughly 50 years Grand Lake has been missing all the action on the gridiron. However, in about four years that will all change.

"When I am a senior we'll have a varsity team and we'll play throughout high school," said 14 year old quarterback Madison Morales.

Morales will be a senior in four years, which is how long it will take Grand Lake to form squad.

"Oh, it's going to mean the world. I'm ready to play varsity and win games," said D.J. Shaw, a 14 year old wide receiver.

"Me and the kids are so excited to see what's going to happen in the future, hopefully we can make this a fun and very competitive ball club," state Head Coach Derrick Fendley.

This year is Fendley and his coaching staff's first at Grand Lake. They are spending the majority of their time developing 11 year old through 14 year old kids into future varsity players.

Fendley state, "These guys that are eighth graders now will be seniors in five years, and they will be used to playing for four years before we step on the field as a varsity."

It takes more than just players to get a football team up and running, and this budding program has relied on generous donations from other schools around the area. They have received helmets, uniforms, water coolers, and footballs.

"Having people step up and get your back and want to help you out, it's a great feeling you know, people from Southwest Louisiana, Cameron Parish are helping me out and helping these kids."

The kids are also helping one another.

"We played when we were little, but they never had a chance to play so it's their first time," said Morales.

"The 13 to 14 year old group, that's a little bit older they catch on a little bit quicker. Having them practice with the 11 and 12 year olds, they're able to help them out."

This team recognizes they have a chance to do something special in a place they've never been.

"The future is the future, we don't know, but hopefully we'll be able to stay here and stay competitive," said Fendley.

If you would like to make a donation to Grand Lake High Schools football program, contact Derrick Fendley at (337) 905-2056.

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