ACORN missing money could top 5 million dollars

BATON ROUGE, LA. (AP) - Documents from the Louisiana Attorney General's Office say an internal review by ACORN's board of directors found that $5 million was embezzled from the community organization, far more than a previously reported sum of $1 million.

The higher figure is in a motion Attorney General Buddy Caldwell filed seeking a subpoena of ACORN documents. The subpoena was issued Oct. 2. It is unclear if the money was taken from state, federal or private funds. ACORN Chief Executive Officer Bertha Lewis said the new embezzlement allegation is "completely false." She said she would comment further after she and ACORN attorneys have a chance to review the subpoena.

The subpoena motion says the $5 million figure came up at a 2008 ACORN board meeting, during an internal discussion of an internal review.

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