H1N1 vaccines coming soon to Jeff Davis Parish Schools

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - All across the United States folks are waiting for the H1N1 vaccination to make its way to their state.

The state of Louisiana can expect to 26,000 doses get here by tomorrow, according to the Department of Health and Hospitals.

As more doses make their way in to Louisiana, one local school district plans to offer the vaccinations for free at their school.

"It's actually through the Department of Health and Hospitals," says David Clayton, Superintendent of Jeff Davis Parish Schools. "They are recommending that parents consider this vaccine for their children."

Clayton wants to emphasize that these vaccinations are strictly voluntary.

"Jeff Davis Parish Schools will in no way, shape, or form try to influence or cause a parent to sign the parental form to have their student take the swine flu vaccine," says Clayton.

The schools plan to send parental permission slips home with the children within the next few weeks.

"We hope it is something that some families will find useful, because if they had to go out and pay for this vaccine it could be very expensive," says Clayton.

School nurses are preparing to help health professionals from the Department of Health and Hospitals

The school nurses at Welsh Elementary School just received the news this morning and they are anticipating a very busy next couple of weeks.

Parents in Jeff Davis Parish are looking forward to the vaccines coming as well.

Shannon Williams has two children attending school in Jeff Davis Parish.

Williams says she's definitely going to take advantage of the vaccine.

"Just as a preventive," says Williams. "It won't hurt, it'll help in the long run. I would just rather my children be safe than unsafe."

The vaccine isn't expected to make its way to Jeff Davis Parish Schools until sometime in November.

Cameron and Vernon Parishes will be offering seasonal flu vaccines on a volunteer basis.

Calcasieu Parish Schools will not be offering the vaccines.

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