Group pushes for "America's Most Wanted" to cover Jeff Davis Eight

by Brandon Richards

JENNINGS, LA (KPLC) - A Facebook group calling itself Justice for Jefferson Davis is asking its more than 500 members to persuade the national television crime program, "America's Most Wanted," to profile the mysterious deaths of the Jeff Davis Eight.

Nicki Soileau formed the group September 27th along with other members of a group called Cease Fire, in an effort to continue their campaign to put the national spotlight on the Jeff Davis Eight.

Soileau says she has respect for local law enforcement investigating the mysterious deaths, but says more resources are needed.

"If you tried something repeatedly...and more lives are being lost." Soileau said. "Then it's time to reevaluate the way you're going about this investigation."

Soileau also says part of the problem may be that the Jeff Davis Eight have been painted in an unattractive light.

"I don't believe [their lifestyle] should matter because all of us make mistakes," Soileau said. "Every one of us can look at one of those girls and say 'That could have been me at one time.'"

The group wants its members to call and email "America's Most Wanted" Monday, October 5th.

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