Men and cosmetic procedures

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LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The number of men having procedures to zap their wrinkles has tripled since 2001. In this Healthcast, we talk to one man who is working to maintain a youthful look with the latest anti-wrinkle product to hit the market.

As an optometrist, Dr. Mel Gehrig spends each day up close and personal with his patients.  That close contact, mixed with an acute awareness of aging faces, has pushed Dr. Gehrig to cosmetic products and procedures.  "We see these people on TV all the time and we see people around all the time," he says, "and I look in the mirror and tell myself I'm getting too old!"

At 63 years of age, Dr. Gehrig still has a lot of living to do. He began seeing facial cosmetic specialist Dr. Mark Crawford with the Aesthetic Center in Lake Charles a couple of years ago for wrinkle treatment - something that's showing a huge market for growth with men.  "They're starting to have a little bit of competition in the workplace," says Dr. Crawford, "and they just want to look as young as they feel."

Until six months ago, Botox was the sole wrinkle treatment option with FDA approval in the U.S.  Now, a new product called "Dysport" with the same active ingredient as Botox is showing some promising results.  Dr. Crawford says, "The on-set is a little bit quicker. I have noticed that it starts working in one to two days versus three to seven days with Botox."

Dysport works like Botox, with a few tiny injections to targeted areas in the face.  "Wherever the muscles are moving, causing a wrinkle, you inject a little bit into that area," says Dr. Crawford.  The muscle is then relaxed, causing the wrinkle to soften for about six months.

It's been one week since Dr. Gehrig had his first Dysport injections and he says he's pleased with his reflection.  "I usually have a lot of lines up in my forehead, I have the old crow's feet and it's taken care of it very well," he says.

With some competition in the wrinkle-fighting market now, you can also expect a lower price tag for treatment.

*Men typically seek cosmetic injections at a later age than women do - late 40s and early 50s, compared to late 30s for women.  For more information on Botox or Dysport, call the Aesthetic Center at 337-478-3810.

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