Southwest Louisiana dog could be world's oldest

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - They're known as a man's best friend, yet most dogs rarely live past 20 years old.

But one New Iberia dog has surpassed the age of most dogs.

"When I first saw Max, something just drew me to him," says Janelle DeRouen. "He was the odd one out of the group."

Janelle feels her dog Max's energy will always be feisty and his age will always be a miracle.

"It seems like with God's help he has lived here on this earth for 26 years," says Janelle.

Although 26 might sound young for humans, it is actually pretty old for a dog.

"For a dog to be 26, that makes an equivalent of 182 years," says Billy DeRouen. "That's great for a dog."

Billy DeRouen frequently takes Max on afternoon walks, and he says Max is as energetic as ever.

"He does real well for his age, he's in great shape," says Billy. "He's like a three year old dog."

Max healthily weighs 16 pounds and experiences only mild health conditions.

The DeRouens say this dog could be the world's healthiest and the world's oldest.

When the DeRouens found out the oldest dog at 21 years old had died, that's when they knew it was time for the world to meet Max.

"I said now we need to let the world know that he's the oldest, until we know that there's another one older than him," says Billy.

Janelle then filled out the papers and sent them off to the Guinness World Records.

"Right now, it's like pins and needles," says Janelle.

Janelle says the secret to prolonging the life of your dog, is to give them all the love you possibly can.

"Max is here, he loves us, he has us to look forward to being with each and everyday," says Janelle.

The DeRouens say they don't expect Max to cut out any time soon, but Janelle just hopes to receive word back before it's too late.

"Everybody loves Max, I just hope that he gets the recognition that he is gained to get," says Janelle.

Janelle says the Guinness Book of World Records received multiple entries when the former oldest dog died in June.

The results should be determined within the next few months.

We'll keep you posted on the results.

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