Jeff Davis victims in national spotlight

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - National publicity is something some family members are striving for as they push for a break in the case of the Jeff Davis eight, the women from Jefferson Davis Parish whose deaths remain a mystery. This weekend the family got some of what they want.

They are eight women whose paths crossed and family members grow increasingly impatient as they seek justice. They hope a national platform such as CNN will help spur the interest that will lead to tips that will solve the cases... Mike Dubois is the brother of Whitnei Dubois-- the 4th woman who died in May 2007. Said her brother, not long after the young woman was found.  "She is a human being and she didn't deserve to die like she did. She had her problems but she's still a human. She wasn't an animal."

As he said on CNN he wants an outside independent agency with greater resources and technical capabilities to come in. "This is larger than the Jeff Davis Parish or the Jennings Police Department can handle and it's obvious that this is still going on today and I believe we will have still more murders yet to come because I think it's bigger than they are."

Dubois is one of the family members who've hired private investigator Kirk Menard also participated in the national broadcast. He talked about the surveillance video of the latest victim, Nicole Guillory, who was photographed as part of his undercover investigation into the activities of associates of the victims. The family released the video hoping it would lead to someone remembering seeing her. As well he told CNN that he believes some will talk to private investigators him who are not willing to speak to law enforcement. "One advantage that we have that law enforcement doesn't seem to have is, whereas they have access to forensics and DNA we have access to several sources on the streets that we can gather information and pass it on to the task force and law enforcement."

Menard and Dubois expected further interviews in the national forum in the days ahead.

Some family members take issue with the sheriff's refusal to characterize the case as the work of a serial killer.  In response, Sheriff Ricky Edwards says, "As our investigation continues it is obviously not complete because we have not brought anybody to justice the analysis of our investigation at this time concludes that right now we believe that we have one offender common among all of them but that is inconclusive at this time as to say that we can say it's only one. Until we get further developments to keep it at one or lead others into it we're going to continue to say that we are investigating it booth as individuals and collectively as one offender. "

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