Protecting Intracoastal park's shoreline

By Tiffany Blackmon - bio | email

CAMERON, LA (KPLC)- Calcasieu Parish has been awarded grant money to repair the Intracoastal Park's Shoreline, and once it has been restored, taxpayers will have a safer place to fish.

"This is the best launch this side of the Calcasieu River," said Glenn Krall, a frequent visitor to the park.

Around next year the Intracoastal Park's Shoreline should be better and safer because Calcasieu Parish was awarded $1,000,000.00 for their Coastal Impact Assistance Program.

John Coppock, the Assistant Planner and Coastal Zone Administrator for the project says the money they received will allow Calcasieu Parish to begin it's Project to Protect the Intracoastal Park's Shoreline.

Coppock stated, "We're loosing about 16 ft. per year in certain areas around here. This project is going to build that shoreline back up."

It will also allow for park improvements, which include new lighting and expanded walkways along the entire shoreline.

"It's going to add a public value with a nicer park for people to come down and enjoy," said Coppock.

People like Glenn Krall, who fishes in the area with his wife once or twice a week.

"The walk and dock do need some work done on it," said Krall, "It was excellent when it was first built, but it's gone through a couple of storms, so anything they can do to improve it will make it a lot easier for us."

Boat traffic from the Intracoastal Waterway and the park's launching site have caused the shoreline to erode at a faster rate. However, once the project is complete, it should slow down. It will also be better for the environment, adding about three acres of marsh and land.

Coppock said, "This project will help build that back up, which will help prevent flooding and hopefully a lot more hurricane protection. It's been a work in progress and when people come down here and see what we've done, they're really going to enjoy it."

Calcasieu Parish hopes to begin the project in four to six months.

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