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Lens CPR

Bottles of cleaning and treatment solution. Bottles of cleaning and treatment solution.
My scratched lens. My scratched lens.
Cleaning the lens. Cleaning the lens.
Applying the treatment solution. Applying the treatment solution.
A dried, hazy treated lens. A dried, hazy treated lens.

By Jeff Jumper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - It seems that we eventually get scratches on the lenses of our eye glasses from dropping them one too many times.  Before you spend the money on a new pair of shades, there may be a way to make those blemishes disappear.  It's called Lens CPR.  Loraine Suarez, a life long resident of Lake Charles invited us to her home to test out her Lens CPR kit after she bought it at the store.  She has expensive prescription sun glasses with a few scratches on the bi-focal lenses.  I volunteered my inexpensive pair of sunglasses instead for initial testing.  I have plenty of scratches on my sunglasses, especially on the right lens.

The Lens CPR is a two part system.  It consists of a spray bottle of cleaner solution and a foam tipped applicator of the scratch repair liquid.  The Lens CPR claims to work on all types of lenses.  I figured I'd let Loraine get some practice on my glasses so if the product works, she'd be ready to apply it to her glasses. Loraine used the Lens CPR from start to finish on my sun glasses.

Loraine began by reading the first instruction, "Lenses should always be rinsed with water so that they are wet prior to cleaning with a soft cloth."

She rinsed and then dried the glasses with a soft cloth as directed.  Then she sprayed the cleaner solution on the right lens.  After gently cleaning by wiping with her finger, she rinsed and dried the lenses.  Now she could apply the treatment solution by swiping side to side in an overlapping motion, until the lens was completely covered in a liquid film.  Finally, she set the glasses in a flat manner to allow the solution to form a thin even layer.  The drying time calls for thirty minutes minimum prior to wearing, with an eight to ten hour total cure time.

We waited a while and I was ready to put on a set of shades that were like new.  Here's what we found:
"We waited about an hour since you put a couple coats on here and I can still see kind of a filmy area.  It doesn't say to buff or wipe it off, but I'm going to try to anyway.  It still seems to kind of have a sticky coat.  The scratch is still on the lens.  I'm going to put them on to see if I can notice a difference.  It's definitely a little hazy on the right side, so what do you think?  I'm not going to say it works," I stated.
Loraine agreed, "No, I'm not going to say it works."
I suggested, "You might want to save those glasses."
Loraine added, "These are not going to be touched by that stuff."

The good news is that the cleaner solution completely cleared off the hazy Lens CPR treatment solution from my lenses and I was back to my original scratched sun glasses.  The Lens CPR flat lines to a NO for this week's "Does it Work?" test.  The Lens CPR kit cost Loraine $9.99 at a local retailer.

Web Extra:  This product was one of the more disappointing tests I've done up to this point.  It had simple claims to repair scratches, yet it made the glasses even more difficult to see out of when done.  It was counter-productive for time spent applying and waiting for drying.  The kit comes with a booklet with basic instructions that call for essentially spotlessly cleaned lenses prior to applying.  Then, the applicator relatively easily applied a thin film of the treatment solution onto the lens.  From the get go, it seemed to begin drying into an iridescent haze.  We waited an entire hour, and then the haze had dried and wouldn't smudge.  Luckily, the Lens CPR cleaner solution dissolves the sticky mess.  I'd say it would be better to invest the ten dollars spent on this kit on a new pair of glasses.

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