Boyer found guilty of murder

By Brandon Richards

Jurors found Jonathan Boyer guilty of one count of second degree murder and one count of armed robbery of then 21-year-old Bradlee Marsh of Sulphur.

Boyer had previously confessed to killing and robbing Marsh, after Marsh picked up Boyer and his brother Anthony while they were walking on Cities Service Highway during the early morning hours of February 4th, 2002. But during closing testimony, Boyer's defense attorneys argued that Anthony was the one who actually murdered Marsh and Jonathan was just taking the fall for his brother.

However, jurors didn't buy this argument. Two hours and 15 minutes after they started deliberating, jurors returned with two guilty verdicts.

Over the past week jurors watched crime scene video of Marsh slumped over in the vehicle where he was killed, and listened to testimony by Boyers family, as well as an audio tape of Boyer confessing to the murder.

Marsh's family did not speak with KPLC after the trial, however family friends said they were happy justice was finally served seven and a half years later.

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