Crackdown on Crime - Big Woods Cemetery

By Lee Peck - bio | email

EDGERLY, LA (KPLC) - Miranda LeDoux and her mother Janelle are visiting family members resting at Big Woods Cemetery. It's a trip they make at least every couple of weeks.

"Mainly to come over here and say prayers for the dead and to make sure everything is okay to check and things to make sure nothing else is stolen or broken," says Miranda.

Miranda says they've had to replace broken vases and stolen hanging flower poles on the graves of her father, grandparents and uncle, as well as other mementos left behind to remember loved ones.

"It's already a hard time for us to be out here dealing with the fact that our family members are no long with us. But just to know that somebody is so heartless to actually come and steal stuff. I mean we can't even plant real flowers anymore because they have actually dug those up and stole those also," said Miranda.  "It's not only stealing from the dead, but it's actually stealing from the living also."

They say it's been an ongoing problem, and that the cemetery has even put up a gate, which is locked at night. There's also several signs warning trespasser of prosecution should they be caught.

Miranda and her mother have since taken matters into their own hands. "We've had to cement the poles down just so they won't steal them because we can't keep affording to pay for them," explains Miranda.

As she struggles to understand why, she points out those responsible will also one day be left to rest.  "I mean would they really want somebody to come and steal stuff from their grave it makes no sense to me," said Miranda.

Anyone with information about these crimes is asked to call their local authorities.

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