Bowen Johnson's Story

By Charlie Bartlett - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - What a difference a year makes.  Next week marks one year since Bowen Johnson was burned in a fire at his home in Westlake.

"He's doing really, really well. He spent three and a half months at LSU and then from LSU, he went directly to Shriner's Children Hospital for burns, spending two and a half months there," said Eva Fortunato.

"It's so awarding to know that God put his hand on this little boy and let him live," said Shannon LeDoux.

But Bowen's prognosis wasn't always bright.

"They told us when he got to LSU that there was a possibility that he would be blind. They talked about brain injury for the first three months.  It was very scary and all we cared about wanted him to live," said Fortunato.

The Johnson family kept their faith.  Bowen spent more than six months in the hospital, going through sixteen surgeries. Bowen's mother, Eva was by his side everyday.

"At that time he was able to walk.  When he left LSU he wasn't able to walk. They worked on all the major life saving graphing. Shriner's hospital worked on the rehab part getting him up and moving. They were also able to do a release on his neck and his shoulders," said Fortunato.

While Bowen fought for his life, friend's of Bowen's family like Shannon LeDoux stepped in to raise money for his medical costs.  They say the community support has been overwhelming.

"People have called that I don't even know.  They just called and said can you meet me somewhere, I have something for you.  It's just amazing to see how people come together and to help someone," said LeDoux.

On March 10th, Bowen was able to come home for the first time, having familiar surroundings and lots of love.  He's come a long way in four months.

"It's so exciting and we love him so much. Just to see him play with his brother again, do all the things he used to do again, brings great joy. It fills our heart everyday with great joy, everyday is a blessing," said Fortunato.

"It's a miracle. He's awesome. We learn from him everyday and we are going to learn from him the rest of our lives," said LeDoux.

Bowen is now even back at school and doing remarkably well.

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