Boyer trial continues

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - UPDATE:  Boyer was not on the witness stand, instead, the court heard, what the prosecution calls, an audio-taped confession, that Boyer shot and killed Bradlee Marsh in 2002.

On that tape, Boyer could be heard saying that he and his brother had taken hits of acid and had been drinking, when Bradlee Marsh offered them a ride.    

According to the tape,  after they arrived at their destination, Boyer's brother got out of the truck, then Boyer pulled out a .22 caliber handgun and told Marsh to give him money. A fight ensued, during which Boyer said he shot Marsh at least twice. After allegedly shooting Marsh,  Boyer said he pulled money from Marsh's pocket, and took a chain.          

After the tape was heard, Lynn Miller with the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office crime lab took the stand. She told the court one of Boyer's fingerprints was found on a yellow pad inside Marsh's vehicle. In cross examination, the defense tried to refute finger printing as an imperfect form of evidence.


A swat team in Florida was used to help capture Jonathan Boyer-- who they considered a dangerous fugitive wanted for murder in Louisiana.

Seven years later, Boyer is on trial for the murder. It was March 2002-- more than a month since Bradlee Marsh had been murdered in Calcasieu Parish that police in Florida, working with Calcasieu Sheriff's detectives, caught fugitive Jonathan Boyer-- so he could be brought back to Louisiana to face a murder charge.

According to testimony there was a foot chase and shots fired by one officer after Boyer allegedly brandished a pistol he had pulled from his waist band. The officer who fired shots at Boyer said he absolutely felt his life was in danger. That was seven years ago, and now Boyer's trial is well underway with the prosecution putting on its side in State District Court.

According to earlier testimony Boyer went to his grandmother's house after the murder and told relatives including his aunt and later a cousin that he shot a man.. It was superbowl Sunday when prosecutors say Marsh picked up Boyer and his brother along the side of Bayou D'inde road, only to be found later with three shots to the head.

The jury also heard from Boyer's brother Anthony who pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice for allegedly burning his brothers bloody clothes in a barbeque pit.

The cousin who drove Boyer to Florida testified too,  though Timothy Windam denies he was trying to help Boyer flee and said he was just returning to his home state.  The prosecution continues putting on its side of the case Monday.

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