Logan Armistead's benefit

By Charlie Bartlett - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - It wasn't your typical softball tournament, but the Logapalooza softball tournament, an event to raise money for Deputy Logan Armistead.

"Everybody loves Logan. We got here at eight o'clock, the parking lot was full and it was just an amazing feeling," said Dustin Granger.

"We're just out here basically to raise money to help Logan recover.  We just want Logan and his family to know that we love him," said Jenny Walters.

"He's in the hospital right now so their saving money for him and playing," said Ashley Gros.

He's fighting for his life. Logan is still in a coma recovering from multiple surgeries and battling infections. Family and friends say it's been very difficult.

"It's been extremely hard. You got to manage between your family and him.  You want to be there for his family and it's amazingly hard to see him the way he is," said Joshua Bollich

"It's hard to see Logan this way and to see him now. It's tough, we love him and his family," said Walters.

Seventeen teams came out for the Logapalooza softball tournament. They're not playing to win, they are playing for Logan.

"We're playing for Logan, that's the common theme around here. All of our friends and family are together. If Logan were here, he would love it," said Granger.

"He's one of our best friends, anything we can do to help out. Get the community to come out, help, and support Logan and his family. It's nice to see all these people out here for him."

They're doing whatever they can to make a difference. That's what made Logapalooza special for everyone.

"It's fantastic. That' what I like about the area we live in, everybody comes out to support," said Brandon Fitkin.

"It's overwhelming. He has a lot of friends and a lot of good family," said Walters.

"I love the guy and I am glad to see everybody out here loves him too and wants him to get better," said Bollich.

"All of his friends and family are out here but there's so many faces that we have never seen before. Even if they don't know him, they want to do it just for the good of it," said Granger.

They're praying for Logan to get better. Family and friends say if Logan was able to attend, he would be thankful.

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