New LSU AgCenter breaks ground in Cameron

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - As the city of Cameron remembers today as the anniversary of Hurricane Rita, today ground breaks for a new LSU AgCenter.

The old LSU AgCenter was among 7,000 homes and businesses destroyed by Hurricane Rita  four years ago today.

Now the LSU AgCenter and the Cameron Parish Police Jury have joined forces to build a demonstration facility that will include both hurricane resistant construction and energy efficiency.

The facility will include Plexiglas cut-a-way areas which will the make building more fortified to meet hurricane force winds and inclement weather situations.

Officials with LSU AgCenter say it's a great way to teach people how to properly rebuild along the coast.

"If people want to build in extreme coastal regions like Cameron, we teach them how to do it properly," says Cynthia Richard. "The new facility will be an elevated structure that will withstand storm surge and winds."

While officials are making plans for the LSU Agcenter, construction continues on the East Annex Building in Cameron.

Employees of the future building are forced to cram into the court house until the new facility is complete.

"We hope to get them moved out of there in the next couple months into a much bigger office in a building that is more hurricane resistant," says Clifton Hebert, Director of Emergency Preparedness for Cameron Parish.

Like the new AgCenter, builders are using improved mapping systems to better prepare for severe weather.

"It's coming back slowly, but it's coming back," says Hebert. "We're building a lot stronger and a lot higher."

As the more resistant buildings will allow the folks of Cameron Parish to live and operate business in the land they love.

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