Enterprise Blvd. murder leads to two arrests

A man and woman have been arrested in connection with the murder of 58 year old Robert Cannon-- found dead last month at a home on Enterprise Boulevard.   No word yet as to what may have led to the killing.

August 5th the body of Robert Cannon was found at 1424 1/2 Enterprise Boulevard. Since then the investigation has been ongoing, but now Lake Charles Police, the District Attorney and the Coroner announce there are two arrests in the case.

As the investigation progressed police knew they had a person of interest-- Phillip Cooks of Houston originally picked up on a material witness warrant. Says LC Police Chief Don Dixon, "We've had several fugitive task forces looking for Mr. Cooks who has evaded arrest. This morning we received information that Mr. Cooks was in fact in Lake Charles at a motel on Broad Street. As a result of this information the detective division along with our patrol division executed an arrest warrant and Mr. Cooks was arrested."

Now the 26 year old is booked for second degree murder and is being held in jail. Also arrested Antonia Marie Mills who lives at an apartment on Fifth avenue. She was booked for accessory after the fact. Police say the two were arrested at motel on Broad Street. Says Dixon, "Mr. Cooks is no stranger to us. He was arrested in Lake Charles in January of this year getting off a bus with some narcotics on him. In addition to that he has numerous arrests in the Texas area, including three previous armed robberies."

While authorities are tight lipped about the case Coroner Dr. Terry Welke says Cannon apparently died of blunt force trauma to the head. "Talking with Chief Dixon and his officers today I'm thoroughly convinced that indeed there's a homicide that had been performed."

D.A. John DeRosier expects the case to be presented to the grand jury in the coming weeks.  "John Coffman from the district attorney's office assisted Lake Charles Police Department with the preparation of the material witness warrant which was executed. The defendant was apprehended and Lake Charles Police Department took over from there. Again I want to congratulate them for a job well done. It's always nice to deal with LCPD because they're such good team players and they always seem to get their man."

For now authorities are tight lipped about what may have lead to the killing but they say Cooks and the victim were acquainted.