Mosquito population on the rise in SWLA

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - "We went through the summer with fairly dry weather. All of those eggs stayed dormant out there. You had a few hatches here and there. They were laying a few eggs. All of those eggs added up, and with this one big flood that came with this last system, everything that was out there hatched," said Lucas Terracina with Calcasieu Mosquito Control.

Trucks and planes are running long hours to try and get the bugs under control. But, Lucas Terracina said, right now, people should cover up.

"When you are headed out, make sure exposed skin is to the minimum. Wear enough clothes to cover exposed skin. Loosely fitting clothes are better," said Terracina.

While it is still on the warmer side, you may not be able to put too many layers. An alternative is to wear lightly colored clothing, avoid fragrant smelling perfumes or colognes, and use bug spray.

"There are several good ones now, the Deet, the Picaridin, oil of eucalyptus. Again, read the label before you use them to make sure you use it in the proper manner," said Terracina.

As Calcasieu Mosquito Control fights to lessen the problem, they ask that you please be patient.

"The mosquitoes stay ahead for a while. They are actually winning the battle, but hopefully we will win the war," said Terracina.

Click on the CDC mosquito page to get information about different recommended  mosquito repellents, how often to apply them, and much more.

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