DODT explains new stop signs at Gauthier and Common

by Brandon Richards

LAKE CHARLES (KPLC) -  Motorists who drive across the intersection of Gauthier and Common will have to be prepared to slow and stop.

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development is expanding Common Street, adding additional lanes. Part of the project calls for the installation of new drainage pipes, and as a result, DODT has removed the traffic signals from the intersection and has replaced them with a four-way stop sign.

DODT says anything electrical near the intersection had to be removed, including the traffic lights.

Many motorists say the intersection was dangerous while the traffic lights were in place. Now, motorists say, the intersection could be even more dangerous with the new four-way stop sign. But the department of transportation says its data indicates that the intersection isn't an accident-prone site.

DODT says the construction project that is taking place near the intersection is will not be complete until some time in 2010.

In the meantime, drivers will have no choice but to slow down and stop.

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