Lake Charles resident has surprise delivery

By Charlie Bartlett - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Evelyn Eaglin had the surprise of her life.

"Everybody heard a loud pop noise and I felt my water break. My mom told me, ok don't worry, stand up and we are going to try and get you to the truck to get you to the hospital. I stand up and at that point my body started to push for me and I couldn't move and couldn't walk," said Evelyn Eaglin.

Her symptoms showed signed and she was ready to have a baby. Evelyn was staying at her sister's house and luckily her sister's neighbor was a nurse.

"She told me, lay down, we're going to call 911 and coach over the phone. By the time they got me laid down, his head was out and my sister and her friend basically delivered the baby," said Eaglin.

On Saturday afternoon, Evelyn gave birth to her new baby boy; Courtlon Hammond Matthias Eaglin.  Since the birth, Evelyn and her baby have been at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital for Women.  Evelyn says the delivery was special.

"It was just one of those situations where everything was ok, the whole family was together and that kind of situation after everybody's healthy, you laugh about it. You see it happen, but you never expect it to happen to you," said Eaglin.

Evelyn and Courtlon are doing well.  While Evelyn is excited about her child, she's also glad this experience has brought her family closer together.

"We have something to bond us together that we can always share and laugh about. It's amazing that it happened. It's a big weight lifted off my shoulder, I'm just so happy he's healthy, we're both healthy and nothing's wrong with either one of us."

Doctors and nurses are taking care of Evelyn and Courlton.  She's thankful the baby came out fine.

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