Local girl tours with Madonna

By Lee Peck - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Moss Bluff native Tiffany Saxby kind of fell into the job of make-up artist, as a way of making ends meet while attending college in Dallas.

"I need to make some money so I decided to get a job at the make-up counter," said Saxby.

After getting her fashion degree, she made the big move to L.A. only to discover make-up was her real passion.

"I took jobs with several different companies. As much as I could learn - I wanted to take it in," said Saxby.

Her eagerness to learn and hard work ethic caught the attention of Madonna's make-up artist. Before she knew it she was packing her make-up bag to go on tour.

"I got a phone call one day and basically I had 48 hours to pack up everything I owned, put it in storage and get on a flight," said Saxby.

A lot of last minute packing - but hey - who turns Madonna down? "She is hands on. She knows exactly what she wants. She has an idea and we're there to bring it to life," said Saxby.

Demonstrating one of the stage looks on her friend, Saxby brought the same looks to life every night. But she would soon get another rare opportunity to step out from behind the scenes and stand on stage with the music icon.

"They were looking for somebody to stand on stage in the pink "Material Girl" dress and somebody mentioned my name," recalled Saxby.

Doubling as a make-up artist and dancer she debuted on stage in front of 80-thousand screaming fans.

"Every night when you hear that thunder and the crowd starts to yell and scream for Madonna you just get chills and it's something you want to be apart of," said Saxby.

Sleeping on buses and planes, she saw the world through more than 80 venues. But it wasn't all work, during a break in L.A. she made it on the "Price Is Right" game show.

"When they said Tiffany Saxby come on down - I freaked out," recalled Saxby.

As luck would have it she would play Plinko, winning 12-thousand dollars, even making to the final Showcase Showdown.

Though a small town girl at heart, Saxby says big things come to those who dream big.

"I would say if somebody tells you no - don't listen to them. Never stop believing. You can do whatever you want to do. Put your heart into it and you can accomplish it," said Saxby.

Saxby was one of 300 people on the tour. She says she's not sure what's next but she's definitely keeping her options open.

She welcomes questions about make-up. Anyone wanting tips can contact her through her web site tiffanysaxby.com.

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