City of Sulphur creates community garden

KPLC Staff

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Saturday the City of Sulphur in cooperation with the Lions Club and Sempra Energy started construction on a community garden. When it is complete different organizations from around the community will be able to buy a plot to plant and maintain a garden. City officials say this community effort is an excellent way to help educate, grow your own fruits and vegetables, and help others in the process.

"The community garden, the fruits and the vegetables that are planted here can be used for many different things, for the needy. We can take it to care help, and care help can pass it out, as well as anyone in the community. Another aspect, later on down the road when it starts getting good, planted real good and crops start harvesting, a potential farmers market so that we can recoup and be re-used," said Chris Duncan, Sulphur City Council Chairman.

As soon as the first phase of the community garden is complete there will be 30 gardening plots available for growing.

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