1st Lake Charles Pride Festival

Reported by: KPLC Staff

Lake Charles hosted its first ever gay pride festival.

Lots of people turned out to listen to live music and common interests. Entertainers were brought in from all over for the full day of events.  Organizers say they hope to raise awareness in the community and bring about change.

"I think sometimes you have to walk before you run. You can't always start happy as you like too. I think it's the perfect time, the time of change in America. The fact we're starting now, doesn't mean we haven't been here before.  It's now and we're going to continue to be bigger and better as the years go on," said B. Kari Moore.

"We're here, we are your neighbors, and we are everywhere. It's time for people to realize that and accept us for who we are. This is just one way to be able to get both communities, the gay and straight community together and show that we are normal people," said Chad Evans.

Organizers say they hope to make this an annual event after having it here in Lake Charles for the first time.

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