Free ultrasounds offered for expectant parents

By Britney Glaser - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Whether it's your first pregnancy or you're a "parenting pro" at this point, prenatal care should be a top priority for both mom and baby.  This should include at least one or two ultrasounds during the pregnancy.

It's four months and counting until Yomisha Chatman and Berman Harbor welcome their first child into the world.  And today is the big day to find out the sex of their little one.

Inside the March of Dimes Mobile Unit, ultrasounds are provided at no charge for any expectant mother wanting a peek at her baby's development.  On top of finding out if she'll be seeing pink or blue, Yomisha wants to make sure she's on the right track with her pregnancy.  "Making sure that the baby's healthy and making sure that I'm doing all of the right things," says Yomisha, "and staying away from all kinds of things that could be harmful to the baby."

The first ultrasound Yomisha had was at six weeks and the baby was barely the size of a grain of rice. Now, details of the baby's body are visible and the moment these proud parents have been waiting for is finally here!

"Looking between the legs," says the ultrasound tech, "I think we can say it's a girl!"  The position of the baby made it hard to get a definitive answer, but girl or boy, dad-to-be Berman says the ultrasound put the whole experience in perspective.  "It opens your eyes up a whole lot more to what's really going on," he says, "and you realize that it's a person there and it's part of you.  It just makes you really happy."

Chad Meier with March of Dimes says keeping the moms in touch with the babies is the foundation for pre and post-natal care. That's why these doors are open to anyone wanting to take a proactive step for their health.  "We don't screen anybody, we take very minimal information," says Meier, "it's really directed for the community and their needs and their wants, so if they have any sorts of concerns at all - or just for entertainment purposes if they want to come take a look - please come in, schedule an appointment and we'll be happy to see them."

The March of Dimes Mobile Unit is a free service to the community thanks to community physicians and hospitals partnering up for the cause.  Anyone interested in free ultrasounds can make an appointment by calling 337-527-6416.  The mobile unit will be at West Cal-Cam Hospital in Sulphur again on September 24th and 29th.

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