New educational program improves reading abilities

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Calcasieu Parish Schools is installing a new educational program in six of the schools in the district.

The new program is called "Ensuring Literacy For All," also known as ELFA.

"The program is to ensure that students at a young age are being exposed to quality instruction and guidance with reading," says Nanette Fontenot, a literacy coach at M.J. Kaufman Elementary School.

The school divides students into different groups according to what data tests show needs are for certain students.

"One might be doing vocabulary that goes along with the story they're doing that week, while another group might be doing a skilled phonics lesson," says Fontenot.

Students at M. J. Kaufman meet with their literacy coaches on a daily basis.

Alissa House, a student at M.J. Kaufman Elementary School says it is one thing she looks forward to every day.

"I like the warm up exercises and reading books and stories," says House.

Students say it is a chance to have fun and improve their reading capabilities at the same time.

"It helps me read better so I can prepare for the 3rd grade," says House.

Literacy coaches say it is the perfect chance to reach out to students who may be struggling to read.

"We are no longer going to just say well little Johnnie is not able to read," says Fontenot. "We have something in place and it's scientifically, research based strategies that we are using to help all children become readers."

The new "ELFA" program is also being implemented in 14 other schools in Region 5.

For more information on the program click on "Ensuring Literacy For All" to the right of the screen.

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