Arraignments top court news roundup

All five men charged in connection with the shooting death of 20 year old Daniel Gueringer plead not guilty.. And opt for trial by jury. Bryce Perkins and Austin Rousseau who are charged with second degree murder.. are set for trial at the start of next year..the date is January 11th before Judge Robert Wyatt.

Then in February is Taylor Johnson's trial. He's charged with inciting a riot.. Finally, Derek Peloquin and Gregory Wisner who are both charged with accessory after the fact to second degree murder..are set for trial March 8.

The young marine, Gueringer,  was killed at a party 4th of July weekend.

A man who used to be a Lake Charles police officer has pleaded guilty to two felony sex crimes.. 43 year old Christopher Holbrooks entered pleas to two charges with two others being dismissed. His sentencing date was set for December 9th. He will be allowed to remain out on bond until sentencing as long as he has no contact with the victim or his family.

Holbrooks was fired from the Lake Charles Police Department after his arrest in 2008. The judge ordered a pre-sentence investigation.

The man who allegedly tried to help Daniel Pegues leave town after he shot and killed Deputy Alan Inzer was in court this morning. 43 year old Robert Pegues pleaded guilty to accessory after the fact to manslaughter. Prosecutors say Robert, who was Daniel Pegues' uncle, drove him to the bus station in Lafayette when he had good reason to believe a crime had been committed. Robert Pegues will be sentenced October 30th at 9 a.m. before Judge David Ritchie.

Daniel Pegues was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to forty years in prison for killing Alan Inzer .

The trial of Kenny "Boo" Bilbo is this week in State District Court. Bilbo is charged with second degree murder in the 2007 killing of 27 year old Rodrick Syas. Syas' body was found floating in the Calcasieu River near the Fitzenrider boat launch around February 1 2007.

He had been shot multiple times. Bilbo was already in jail for attempted murder when police concluded he committed the Syas killing. Jury selection is expected to start Tuesday.