911 service project targets homebound seniors

How to prevent identity theft, save money on prescription drugs, or be safe from a hurricane. They are all topics important to seniors and there's a local project to extend such information to homebound elderly.

At the Senior Center in Lake Charles,  you find older folks healthy enough to get out, socialize and enjoy activities like bingo at the senior center.  They are pleased to get information packets distributed Friday on important topics like health and hurricane safety.

But other seniors who need such information are homebound and not as likely to receive such information. That's why RSVP and Calcasieu Medical Reserve teamed up to put together packets sent to 900 homebound elderly to commemorate the September 11th National Day of Service as Michelle Guidry explains.  "Our volunteers have decided to educate the community at the homebound seniors who necessarily don't have transportation to get out and get this information."

Debbie Duhon with the Council on Aging says they were happy to help. "They will look at it and they'll read about it and learn more about how to better protect themselves against hurricane seasons, flu seasons, the west Nile virus, and just give them adequate information that can benefit their lives."

The information packets were also sent with home delivered meals on September 11th. Seniors at the center think it's a good project. Says senior C.J. Spell, "I think it's very important because there's a lot of seniors that stay by themselves and they have to be aware of what's going on and how they can maybe have an escape route to get away from their house should a hurricane come."

Senior Euna LeDoux says, "I think they're wonderful to help us to know what to do and how to do it."

It's hoped September 11th will one day become synonymous with an annual call on Americans to serve. For more on the information packets call the CCOA at 474-2583 or the RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program) at 721-4020.