Better water service on the way

By Tiffany Blackmon - bio | email

LEBLEU SETTLEMENT, LA (KPLC)-  Out of several states in the Gulf Coast region, Calcasieu Waterworks District 8, is the first company to receive loan money through the Department of Health and Hospitals and the Stimulus Plan.

Mitch Hoffpauir, Manager of Waterworks District 8, stated, "What we're in the process of dismantling a 400,000 gallon ground storage tank and replacing it with an upgraded version of it."

Through the Department of Health and Hospitals, and the Stimulus Plan, Waterworks District 8 was able to apply for the Drinking Water Revolving Loan Fund, and as a result, the company has received $850,000.

"We put a little over $209,000 into a new well, and the tank itself is around $360,000 for a new tank, stated Hoffpauir.

About $192,000 of the loan will not have to be paid back, because a portion of the Stimulus money falls under Debt Forgiveness.

Hoffpauir said, "What that did, is it freed up some existing money that was held up, to allow for new projects."

Projects include adding a new chlorine booster in the Old Town area, and placing automatic flush valves on all dead end lines.

"It's been a great help to us, it's just for the future development of our community."

When Waterworks District 8 was built in the late 1980's, it was designed to serve 800 customers, now they service 2,280, but with the loan money they received, they can now upgrade and expand their service for an ever growing population.

Hoffpauir stated, "Everyday we continue to grow, so what we're doing is reinvesting, we're reinvesting in our community and upgrading our systems."

Waterworks District 8 expects the entire system upgrade to take about five months.

If Waterworks District 8 customers have any questions regarding their service they should call 582-3064.

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