Mail troubles for Lake Charles residents

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Residents at the Crestwood Community trailer park said it has been two months since the mail center at the property was vandalized, making it near impossible to get their mail. Now, if people want to receive mail, they have to sit and wait near the street for the mail carrier to pass.

"If we are not out here waiting for the mail man to pass we don't get our mail. Sometimes, even when we are out here we don't get our mail, because he won't stop," said Margaret Bertrand.

"It has been frustrating when you go to the post office and they tell you that you have to sit and wait here, for the mail man, or you are not going to get your mail," said Stella Miller

If residents miss the daily mail delivery, their only option is to go to the post office with identification, to pick up that day's mail.

"Other times we have to go up to the post office, at the main office. They give us a hard time, sometime, when we are trying to get our mail," said Margaret Bertrand.

With no one claiming responsibility, it looks like if residents want their mail, they will have to sit and wait.  7 News contacted the owner of Crestwood Community trailer park and the United States Postal Service. Both sides said the other is responsible for the delay in action. Also, both the post office and the owner of the property declined to give a formal statement.

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