Westlake family loses everything in house fire

Reported by: KPLC Staff

WESTLAKE, LA (KPLC) - A year after losing everything to Hurricane Ike, a Westlake family's house burns down. Saturday evening around 6 p.m. Westlake Firefighters responded to a house fire call off of Loftin Street. It took fire fighters around 10 minutes to extinguish the flames and officials say the house is believed to be salvageable. Meanwhile the family renting this house say they don't know where to go from this point.

"Last year around the hurricane our house in Ike got flooded. We thought we were going to have to move out of the state until we found this house, and this just happened," said Kadey Noel.

Investigators say the fire was believed to have started from a fan in one of the bedrooms.

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