Sand & sand bags available in Calcasieu Parish

There is sand and sand bags available for those who may need them if there's heavy rain this weekend. It's better to be safe than sorry, so Calcasieu emergency officials have sand and sandbags at various public works facilities-- in case there's a need among those in low lying areas.

Members of the local U.S. Coast guard office came to the east side public works facilty off Swift Plant Road. They loaded up some sand bags for their neighbors downtown at First Baptist Church where they play basketball.turns out the need for sand bags is not so much due to the threat of severe weather, but more because of a drain problem that has come up at the church.

Pastor Dr. John White says the sandbags are until they can arrange for a more permanent fix.the church appreciates the assistance...and the coast guard group enjoys helping out...those who come to get sand must furnish their own shovel and manpower. Sand and bags are at the following locations...

Sand & Sand Bag Locations -East Side
Ward 1 Barn, 461 Parish Road, Moss Bluff
Ward 2 Barn, Highway 14 East, Hayes
Ward 3 Old Barn, Smith Road
Ward 3 Public Works, 5500 B Swift Plant Road
Ward 8 Barn, Parish Barn Road, Iowa

On the west side sand and bags are located at the Ward 4 Public Works facility on Post Oak Road near Sulphur.