Sempra/Port of Lake Charles

By KPLC Staff

Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - The governor's office and members of the local legislative delegation took part in a conference call of sorts today-- aimed at resolving concerns of Sempra LNG with respect to protecting its billion dollar investment in Cameron Parish.

Those concerns relate to that lengthy legal dispute between the Port of Lake Charles and West Cameron Port.

Sempra leases property owned by the Port of Lake Charles in Cameron Parish. The Cameron port takes issue with Lake Charles port owning property in their jurisdiction and receiving lease payments from Sempra.

For now the lease money paid by Sempra is being held in a court ordered account.

A spokesman for the governor's office says they're working to ensure that no matter what Sempra can continue to operate and the economic climate of the area is protected.

State senator Dan Blade Morrish says the governor's office and legislators want to make sure Sempra's interests are protected so louisiana is seen as a good place to do business.

Representative Chuck Kleckley agrees saying he thinks the governor's staff and Lake Charles port officials will work out an agreement that will satisfy and protect Sempra's interests as well as the port's.

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