Too much rain could cause drainage problems

By Charlie Bartlett - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The 7 Stormteam's computer models aren't predicting a nice dry weekend here in Southwest Louisiana.

"This low pressure system that's coming in from Texas is going to have almost tropical type showers with it. When you get two plus inches of rain or more at one time in a short amount of time in Lake Charles, we know we get a lot of street flooding," said Kellie Hutchinson.

And when it rains, it pours.  We've had many problems of flooding here in Southwest Louisiana with past rainfalls, but the Lake Charles Public Works department is prepared.

"We do feel comfortable in our contingency plan that we have in place to make sure and meet any problems that we may have with water, wind or tree damage," said Todd Sherman.

The department works year round making sure both ditches and drains are clean. They use special techniques to maintain progress in each site.

"We try to make sure our ditches are clean, cut and maintained. In our drainage system, we go through and make sure the lines are cleaned, flushed and make sure the debris isn't in there or anything that stops water from flowing," said Sherman.

While the city is responsible for maintaining the drainage system, residents can also help.

"Try not to cut the grass so that it's not going into the drainage system. See debris along your curb, and identify those things or remove them so it doesn't go into our drainage system," said Sherman.

But sometimes even with preventative measures, the rain is too powerful.

"If there is an emergency where we have to work with police or the fire department to evacuate, we have vehicles that are capable of going through water," said Sherman.

Residents can also protect themselves as well.

"Some of these streets can flood as high as your car top so we encourage people not to drive through that flooding water or any moving water you can be swept away on foot or in your car," said Hutchinson.

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