A Sweetlake student shares his swine flu story

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Right here, in Southwest Louisiana, a student from Bell City High School has completely recovered from, what he just found out to be, swine flu.

"I am very healthy. I run track. I play baseball. I am usually the one in the family that doesn't get sick," said Matthew LaBlanc.

But, this time he was not so lucky. One morning, Matthew woke up in extreme discomfort.

"I started getting chills all over, in my bones. It was very painful, very painful," said LaBlanc.

He also said the headaches were unbearable. The next day, Matthew was admitted into the hospital where they were able to determine he had type A influenza. It was not until a week later that lab results from the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals confirmed that he did have swine flu.
Matthew is back in school and feeling just fine, but he and his family have some advice.

"A bunch of Lysol, a bunch of germex. We used a bunch of hand cleaner and Clorox. Clean, clean, clean," said Kim Hebert.

"Wash your hands, keep clean. Cough in your elbow. Do what ever you have to do not to spread it. I probably got it from someone at the school and trust me, swine flu will ruin your weekend," said LeBlanc.

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