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Shoes Under

Shoes Under package. Shoes Under package.
Shoes Under measurements. Shoes Under measurements.
A dozen pair of shoes. A dozen pair of shoes.
Three of the pairs don't fit. Three of the pairs don't fit.
Nine pairs fit and secure. Nine pairs fit and secure.

By Jeff Jumper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Shoes Under.  It's one of the few products we've tested where the name pretty much says it all.  This zipper pouch claims to save you closet space by organizing and stowing your shoes...under your bed.  But does it work.  I opened the box to find three simple instructions.

I read the first instruction, "Simply unfold the Shoes Under.  Unzip the clear plastic cover and insert your shoes or other accessories as shown."

With the Shoes Under stretched open, I found it measures 28" long by 24" wide by 6" deep.  It contains twelve pods, so I started with my brown, size ten dress shoes first.  I had trouble getting both to fit into one slot.  I found it worked better with fitting one shoe per slot, which utilized two slots total for my pair of shoes.  So far it looks for max capacity, that the smaller the shoe size, the better the fit.

I then said, "We went into a couple different rooms here and managed to gather different sizes of shoes here.  We have male shoes from about size nine to eleven.  We also have some female shoes, female size ten here.  We're going to try to see how many of these we can fit in the Shoes Under.  I pulled out my black boots here just to prove to you that they are way to big for this.  It's not really going to do anything, so you're going to have to find a different way to store some of these high-ankled, big boots like that.  So we'll replace them with the brown shoes that I used from before.  Let's get started.  We'll try to put as many shoes and squeeze as many of these in here that we can.  I have feeling we're only going to have success on the smaller ones, so we'll just give it a shot."

So in about a minute's time, I was able to pack a majority of the shoes into the pods, including the shoes that have four inch heels.

I continued, "I managed to fit nine pairs in here.  Some of them fit all together in one pod, a couple of the bigger ones and more delicate shoes had to go into individual pods per shoe.  But for the most part, we were able to fit them all in here.  They actually zippered up in the bag, they're kind of safe and secure in here and not really moving around.  So the next part is to do the under part of the Shoes Under and see if will fit under my bed."

So here it is, the moment of truth.  The Shoes Under slid under and it's time for the verdict.

I stated, "Well it holds shoes and it went under my bed.  I guess it meets the definition of Shoes Under, so it gets a YES for this week's ‘Does it Work?' test."

We found the Shoes Under locally with a price tag of $9.99.

Web Extra:  There's no doubt to me that the Shoes Under does a superb job organizing shoes.  The space saving aspect is dependent on your own storage predicament.  For those of us with men's sizes eight or larger, a typical sneaker or dress shoe will struggle to fit an entire pair into one pod.  As I stated above, the smaller or thinner the shoe, the better chance you'll have to fit a whole dozen pairs of shoes into the Shoes Under.  A small male or small to medium female pair of shoes will do better than a larger pair of shoes in this device.  Also the size of the Shoes Under was measured with it not in use.  The fabric and plastic can easily allow the shoes to stretch larger than 6" in depth.  It may be a good idea to measure from floor to rail on your bed to see if this will fit before you make the purchase.  It's about ten bucks and it an easy way to store some shoes or other items in a zippered case, with a clear top so you know what you're looking for when you pull it out from under the bed.  The device is for indoor use only and can slide under more than just a bed.

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