Lake Charles Police Officer ambushed by gunfire

By Lee Peck - bio | email


"In my 7 and half years as Chief of Police what I'm about to describe to you is one of the most outrageous things that has happened," said Lake Charles Police Chief Don Dixon.

Chief Dixon is talking about the recent attack on officer Arnold Bellow. Lt. Bellow was getting off duty shortly after midnight last Wednesday September 2nd at the sub station off Anita Drive when he was the target of several rounds of gunfire.

"Lt. Bellow was able to return fire and by the grace of god he was not injured," said Dixon. "I think the public will understand that we in law enforcement community do take this personal when you assault one of us. When you assault one of us, you assault all of us."

After three days of investigation, six men are now charged with attempted first degree murder of a police officer. Arrested are:

Brandon Andra Trahan, 33

Edmond Lawrence, Jr, 23

David Dwayne Royster, 22

Anthony James Aaron, 23

Eddie Joseph Banks, 23

Joshua Wayne Royster, 23

All have prior drug arrests and Chief Dixon believes drugs are what prompted the attack on officer Bellow, who recently shut down drug activity in the neighborhood.

"Bellow made some arrests a few weeks ago, recovered some narcotics. And some of the people involved in that arrest were major suppliers of drugs in the Progressive Street area. And drugs have virtually dried up in that area," said Dixon.

Each suspect is being held on two million dollars bond. Dixon says more arrests could come as the investigation continues and sends out a warning.

"For those of you who wish to cross swords with us, I must caution you: we are smarter, we are better trained and have more weapons than you. Do not tread on us," said Dixon.

Police withheld the information for several days for officer Bellow's safety. He's now being watched 24 hours a day. Lead investigators in the case are detectives Frank Fondel and Lecia McCullough. Anyone with information is asked to call Fondel at 302-8207 or Lake Charles Police at 491-1311.

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